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Service Description

The organization provides the opportunity to all members of the practice in all economic fields around the kingdom to be part of large professional body through its Professional Registration Membership.

The target group or the beneficiary


Service fee

300 SR as a Registration fee, in addition to 500 SR for verification of certificates issued outside the Kingdom (paid only once)

Controls and conditions

Anyone who meets any of the following conditions shall be accepted for professional registration:

No. Qualification Level in Saudi Standard Classification of Educational Levels and Specialization Accepted Specializations
1 Bachelor’s degree or higher qualification in accounting Level (6,7, 8) PDF
2 Diploma in Accounting (minimum of two years) from Saudi universities, colleges or its accredited equivalents. The holder of an Associate Diploma in Accounting (more than one year and less than two years) may apply for membership provided that he attends the qualifying training program for the Accounting Technician Exam Level (4. 5) PDF
3 Holds a bachelor's degree from one of the colleges of administrative sciences and passed at least 15 academic hours in accounting, however, those who do not complete the above mentioned 15 academic hours are required to: 1.
 Attending of courses in accounting, auditing, Zakat and tax fellowship which, all together, become equivalent to nine (9) academic hours. or
2. Completion of required hours by passing topics equivalent to (15) hours in accounting or auditing at one of the recognized universities.
Level (6) PDF
4 Having one of the following professional certificates Click here. - PDF

Only educational certificates recognized by the Ministry of Education are accepted

Service channels

Through SOCPA E-services.

Service Level Agreement

Must be within a period of one day to a month. If it is not done within this period, escalation can be done via email to


1. An attached copy of the degree or the Professional Certificate.
2. An attached copy of national ID Card (must be valid).
3. An attached copy of passport (for non-Saudis).
4. An attached personal photograph (not mandatory for ladies).
5. 300 SR as a Registration fee, in addition to 500 SR for verification of certificates issued outside the Kingdom (paid only once)

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How to use the service

    1 Go to E-services here on SOCPA website
    2 Membership
    3 Select qualification type
    4 Attach the required documents
    5 Payment
Last Update On: 04 Oct 2022